the best actor on is the guy who plays Captain Cold, cuz, like, there's "hamming it up" and then there's just going the full Porky Pig, and frankly, I think Porky Pig would be impressed.

@Alexis Yeah, he's incredible. The actor pitched the character to the writer/portrays the character as pan.

Minor spoiler: Leonard Snart in Legends of Tomorrow 

@The_T @Alexis It (or bi) is on-screen in Legends of Tomorrow (which has some of the best queer rep on network TV).

Minor spoiler: Leonard Snart in Legends of Tomorrow 

@naga @The_T Legends of Tomorrow in general and its queer rep specifically are why I bothered to push past the first two seasons of Arrow.

And I just finished year 3 of the Arrowverse, so that's only, what, 30-something episodes to go?

Minor spoiler: Leonard Snart in Legends of Tomorrow 

@Alexis @naga I wonder if I should get back to my viewing order. Have you been doing any viewe order/taking notes?

Minor spoiler: Leonard Snart in Legends of Tomorrow 

@The_T @naga I've been using whichever one on the CMRO forums that seemed up to date -- I added back Flash: Season Zero, because "non-canon" is nonsense, but I've otherwise not found any meaningful issues with it, nor made any other significant changes.

Here's my spreadsheet: (Year 1 through 3 are on the second tab.)


@Alexis this definitely doesn't look dissimilar from mine! Flash: Season Zero is weird but the only big issue is a King Shark being in it and then a different one being in the next Season, but it's not impossible to reconcile, just weird.


@Alexis yeah, I completely disagree with all of those reasons, with the King Shark one being the only one I can maybe accept but I can also come up with some goofy explanation and, if you're reading the tie-in comics, you might as well read them.

Arrowverse, Star Trek 

@The_T It's not like anyone cares about minor discrepancies like this with Star Wars or Star Trek, I swear I've read Spock come completely to terms with his emotions years before Starfleet, just before Starfleet, at Starfleet Academy, AND while on the Enterprise.

And then they just did it again on Discovery!

@Alexis seriously, sometimes the cringe gets so high that it actually comes back around to non-cringe

@balrogboogie He runs so many laps around cringe in any episode he's in that it's impossible to tell where he's gonna be at from sentence to sentence.

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