The Enemy of the World is set in the far flung future year of 2018, as you can clearly tell from the fashionable outfits everyone wears.

@Alexis I really liked this serial despite the very abrupt ending

@Siphonay It was one of my favourites even before they found the missing episodes, Troughton is so good in it!

@Alexis I really love Throughton's doctor, it's a shame most of his run is lost

@Siphonay @Alexis

But when the Doctor travels to 2018 England shouldn't he meet himself/herself as Jodie Whitaker in one of her present-day England adventures? Big plot hole there πŸ€”

Just kidding, i LOVE Enemy of the World, this is one of my all-time favorites!

I love the Doctor's skepticism, he doesn't take the "mission" that the "good guys" try to assign him at face value, he demands enough evidence to make up his own mind before taking sides. A subtle moral critique of James Bond stories.

@nindokag @Siphonay Another huge plot hole is that the Whittaker incarnation never even acknowledges the global political construct of the United Zones, which the whole world is living in at that point! ;o

It's an interesting contrast with the Pertwee incarnation later working for UNIT -- Salamander is even wearing the ruffles.

@Alexis you know I’d like to see a Doctor Who episode that centers around the sunk holiday liner in the headline one day.

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