Hard to believe we don't actually know who wrote Harry Potter, and that the books were all just dropped off in the office of the publisher during mysterious security camera outages.

@Alexis recent developments involving creative works have really brought new meaning for me to the phrase "death of the author"

@Alexis by "recent" I mean, like, "the past five years", by the way

i'm old

@InspectorCaracal I can't really separate something like Before Watchmen from the people involved, but what I and most people got out of Harry Potter feels so at odds with the kind of dipshit JKR turned out to be that it's almost hard to connect the work to the author.

@Alexis I was thinking Minecraft and the Cthulhu mythos tbh, not Watchmen

it's amazing how the entirety of Harry Potter just appeared out of the group consciousness of humanity

@InspectorCaracal My understanding from Twitter is that Minecraft was initially designed and developed by fictional character and computer voice software Hatsune Miku, and I have no reason to question that fact.

@Alexis If we had known the author, we could have had a word with them about the antisemitism, but alas, the note said 'publish as-is or suffer my curse'.

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