Bat-comics query: Is there a current (DC Rebirth) book that's just Batman and Robin having adventures together?

I'm already reading and enjoying Batman (Bruce/Selina-centric) and Detective Comics (focused on Bruce's large adult non-Robin kids)

(Or is Damian currently mostly in Teen Titans and Super Sons or whatever and thus too busy to Bat)

DC Rebirth Detective Comics 

BRUCE: "hey Kate"

KATE: "what's up"

BRUCE: "you busy?"

KATE: "yes"

BRUCE: "great, can you take my leftover kids off my hands this volume"

KATE: "no"

BRUCE: "great, here's a tower to keep them in"

KATE: "..."

BRUCE: "oh and I told Clayface he could come over"

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DC Rebirth Detective Comics 

@Alexis Exactly! But the comic works :)

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