A promise, from me, to all writers:

If you're gonna have your characters play chess, and the way that goes is foreshadowing for the whole story? I will never pick up on it. Never gonna happen.

@Alexis not even a really dramatic shot where they sacrifice the queen?

@InspectorCaracal I mean, if you're gonna be openly shouting "EVENTS WILL BE TRANSPIRING IN A CERTAIN MANNER" at the camera, then, yes, I will assume the female lead / the spaceship / the antihero's principles is or are doomed.

And then I'll forget and be shocked an hour and a half later when she dies / it explodes / he is forced to commit a heinous act.

@Alexis @InspectorCaracal now I'm imagining a female spaceship-mind named "Anti-Heroes Have Principles Too, You Know".

@Alexis i will figure out how to fit characters play chess in nonsensical, meaningless ways as many times as possible in some story i'm going to write in the future, just you wait

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