I've got a, uh, draft of a simple website, and design-wise it's what I wanted β€” simple, clean, easy to reuse for future projects β€” but in terms of the actual HTML and CSS it's kind of a mess β€” too many tables, mostly β€” but, I, I just hate doing all that div shit.

I would be very interested in paying someone, say, €20 (about 22 USD) (or your standard rates if you have those and they're in that range) to, basically, remake it with divs, and maybe have it be mobile responsive while you're at it?

@InspectorCaracal The thing where it all resizes to look good on your phone.

I mean, that's not a requirement at all, I think it's fine the way it is -- I'm presenting a horizontal comic strip, after all -- but I know it's a thing that bugs people.

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