instance suspension 

I've suspended, and so should you.

* I mean, the URL.
* It presents itself as "G.A.S.T.H.E." being a pro-queer acronym, but, like, come on, the URL.
* Also, it's the fucking gameliberty dot club edgelord dipshit again:

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instance suspension, violent queerphobia 

Screencaps of relevant toots I linked to, just in case.

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instance suspension 

@Alexis do you know if there's any easy way to see if my instance already blocks an instance?

instance suspension 

@The_T Popular instances often have a list, but I don't quickly see one for witches dot live...

The easiest way is probably to put a username from an instance into your instance's search -- a suspended instance simply won't return a result at all.

In this specific case, I'm pretty sure it's new enough that it won't be suspended yet, and if you feel comfortable doing so, you should reach out to your local admin.

instance suspension 

@Alexis lol the admin of it just tried to follow me so that made it pretty easy for me to pull up a profile and report it to my instance.

instance suspension 

this is in violation of the .lgbt acceptable use policy so reporting it to their abuse contact ( probably wont hurt

re: instance suspension, violent queerphobia 

@Alexis wow shit thank you for recording this

re: instance suspension, violent queerphobia 

@InspectorCaracal It sucks that I gotta, but I'm glad it immediately seems to have spread around most of the mainstream fediverse.

instance suspension 

@Alexis Thanks for the heads up-I'll send this along to some fellow admins too.

instance suspension 

@Alexis @Are0h not sure if you were aware of this yet.

re: instance suspension 

@Mateo @Alexis Appreciate the heads up.

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