Anyone who recommends people get into comics with Watchmen should have their computer taken away and smashed with a bat.

@Alexis god this is a great thread. I am just gettin into comics. Everybody recommends watchman when i say that. I fucking hated watchmen. I will probably, sadly, never like anything by Moore again as a result

@Alexis the second thing everyone recommends is Sand Man. Another one that turned me off on page one. I think those are the only two anyone has heard of


@Absolutely_Blakely I *loved* Sandman when I came to it as a highly comics-literate teenager, but when I first tried to read it years earlier, it might as well have been The Illiad in the original Greek.

Watchmen is "the best comic" because it improved on what came before it, but if you don't have any context for what came before it, if your context is superhero movies and Squirrel Girl comics, Watchmen just becomes a cactus in a swimming pool.

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