Anyone who recommends people get into comics with Watchmen should have their computer taken away and smashed with a bat.

A general recommendation of "the one book to get into comics" is bullshit, anyway.

For some, it's gonna be Raina Telgemeier, or a single X-Men issue from 1994, or reading a Scott McCloud book, or webcomics, or a Chinese copy of Maus they found in a hotel room and can't actually understand -- there's no one-book-fits-all.

What "start with Watchmen" communicates is: "I think it's the best one, and my opinions haven't changed since 1995."

How *I* got into comics is essentially impossible to recommend outside of the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Scandinavia, and 1993 -- Donald Duck comics don't tend to exist in the same way, and you're not learning to read.

How I got into superhero comics is with Ultimate Spider-Man, and though that's aged pretty well, it's extremely 2001, extremely decompressed, and not something I'd necessarily recommend to a new reader in 2019.

Basic questions to ask someone who says they want to get into comics:

* How familiar are you with the form? Do you read any webcomics, or manga?
* What makes you say you wanna get into comics? A recent movie, or TV show? Something you read online?
* When you say you wanna get into comics, what are you talking about wanting to get into exactly? Superhero stuff?

If somebody's not very familiar with reading comics, "start with Watchmen" is like telling someone to get into action movies by starting with six very serious Italian films.


If they say they wanna get into comics because they saw Black Panther, or Thor: Ragnarok, "start with Watchmen" is like telling someone who wants to know if the new Doctor Who is accessible to them to start with Z-Cars.

@Alexis I really wish this thread had existed when I was 15. I figured out the stuff I liked eventually, but not before becoming extremely burnt out on fandom (and its gatekeepers) and feeling shut-out before I'd ever really started. I'm 31 now and I still rarely if ever talk about the graphic novels/comics I read, let alone the webcomics. Thank you.

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