Anyone who recommends people get into comics with Watchmen should have their computer taken away and smashed with a bat.

A general recommendation of "the one book to get into comics" is bullshit, anyway.

For some, it's gonna be Raina Telgemeier, or a single X-Men issue from 1994, or reading a Scott McCloud book, or webcomics, or a Chinese copy of Maus they found in a hotel room and can't actually understand -- there's no one-book-fits-all.

What "start with Watchmen" communicates is: "I think it's the best one, and my opinions haven't changed since 1995."

@Alexis the whole idea of "getting into comics" is bullshit anyway, it's like saying "getting into novels" or "getting into TV shows"

It's not a GENRE, it's a MEDIUM.


@InspectorCaracal Exaaaactly.

(Not that "start with Watchmen" is a good answer to "how to get into superhero comics," either.)

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