did I ever post the boulder room

the idea is, it's a room where you go to appreciate the boulder

@Alexis I love how there's grass around that boulder. It's almost like the boulder needs to be planted in dirt, and have deep roots and stuff.

The Boulder Is Alive

@zatnosk It felt important to me that the boulder not simply be removed from whatever its previous location was, but that it would be implanted in a small, reasonable recreation of where it's from.

Like a zoo animal, but It's A Boulder.

@Alexis My headcanon is that the room, and the entire building, was built around the boulder, and the boulder have been in that exact spot since the last ice age(*).

(* my arctic-adjacent climate bias is showing)

@Alexis I had the exact same reading of this this time as the first, with the boulder in question being The Boulder from Avatar

@Aleums @Alexis yes.... i need this boulder room... i need a boulder house....

@Alexis finally, boulder is getting the respect it deserves

@root Sitting on the boulder is lightly discouraged by the presence of the chair, I think -- but if sitting on it is what you feel is the appropriate way to appreciate the boulder, yes, absolutely.

@root Basically I think anything that a park employee would not tell you off for doing to a boulder in a park is fine, as long as it's in the spirit of "appreciate the boulder."

@Alexis i see! yes, i would love and care for the boulder. not disrespect the boulder.

@Alexis I love it. I want to go to the Boulder room. Itโ€™s perfect.

What if it isn't that the light has been arranged to fall on the boulder, but that somehow the light makes the ground swell up into a boulder.

Perhaps the sign 'boulder room' doesn't refer to the room you sit in, but the one through the window: the room with the light that makes the boulders.

@Alexis aaah, yes. The boulder room. I could use a visit yo the boulder room about now..

@Alexis @zatnosk ...can I fill the walls with shelves and/or cabinets to store stuff?

@Anke @zatnosk For me, personally, I feel that would distract from the boulder, but it's your personal boulder room, you can do what you want!

@Alexis this looks like a room I would design in Animal Crossing

Seems like the original concept for the meditation room at the UN headquarters.
I want my own boulder to contemplate now though...

@gamayun Ooh, I'd not seen that before, I don't think, but it's very much exactly what I was going for!

@Alexis I feel like I've been there

on the west side of Harathi Hinterlands or something

@Alexis Le concept et l'exรฉcution de votre idรฉe sont vraiment bien faits. Cette salle a-t-elle รฉtรฉ crรฉรฉe spรฉcialement pour Sisyphe? pour Promรฉthรฉe?

The concept and execution of your idea is really well done. Was this room created especially for Sisyphus? for Prometheus?

@chisai Thank you! :)

That's not at all what I had in mind, but it's a funny idea, picturing Sisyphus hanging out in the Boulder Room.

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