did I ever post the boulder room

the idea is, it's a room where you go to appreciate the boulder

@Alexis I love how there's grass around that boulder. It's almost like the boulder needs to be planted in dirt, and have deep roots and stuff.

The Boulder Is Alive

@zatnosk It felt important to me that the boulder not simply be removed from whatever its previous location was, but that it would be implanted in a small, reasonable recreation of where it's from.

Like a zoo animal, but It's A Boulder.

@Alexis My headcanon is that the room, and the entire building, was built around the boulder, and the boulder have been in that exact spot since the last ice age(*).

(* my arctic-adjacent climate bias is showing)

@Alexis I had the exact same reading of this this time as the first, with the boulder in question being The Boulder from Avatar

@Aleums @Alexis yes.... i need this boulder room... i need a boulder house....

@Alexis finally, boulder is getting the respect it deserves

@Alexis are you allowed to interact with the boulder (in non-destructive ways, as defined prob by a curator) or is it strictly hands off. no ropes cause that's cop shit but the boulder remains only observable with eyes and position and light, not touch. like the reverse of the blarney stone

both of them i'd go visit. i'd drive an hour and pay 20 dollars to get 30 minutes of boulder time

@brushy I feel like you'd be allowed to interact with the boulder in any way:
* that you'd be allowed to in a park or forest, i.e. a park employee or ranger would not tell you off for doing it,
* and that falls under "appreciating the boulder."

So, hugging the boulder: Great!
Kicking the boulder: Boooo.

@Alexis this is a really great answer imo! it makes the idea come alive even more for me

let me know when boulder room is a real thing, i'll buy a ticket

@Alexis heck that's even wrong and capitalist minded of me

i'd go and have an emotional experience with that boulder and cry about it, that's how much i appreciate it

not in dollars but in feelings

@brushy If I ever get the opportunity to make boulder room happen, ideally it would be either free or cost only what it needs to to recoup whatever it may cost to run boulder room

@Alexis proof positive that you've got the right spirit to realize boulder room imho

@Alexis this is like my grandpa’s front yard but indoors

@root Sitting on the boulder is lightly discouraged by the presence of the chair, I think -- but if sitting on it is what you feel is the appropriate way to appreciate the boulder, yes, absolutely.

@root Basically I think anything that a park employee would not tell you off for doing to a boulder in a park is fine, as long as it's in the spirit of "appreciate the boulder."

@Alexis i see! yes, i would love and care for the boulder. not disrespect the boulder.

@Alexis I love it. I want to go to the Boulder room. It’s perfect.

What if it isn't that the light has been arranged to fall on the boulder, but that somehow the light makes the ground swell up into a boulder.

Perhaps the sign 'boulder room' doesn't refer to the room you sit in, but the one through the window: the room with the light that makes the boulders.

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