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My new webcomic is called KIM & NOE WILL BE OKAY.

It's a queer adventure serial that's also about trying to move on from difficult things and about feelings and stuff.

You can start reading it right here:

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did I ever post the boulder room

the idea is, it's a room where you go to appreciate the boulder

racism in comic books, Donald Duck comics 

racism in comic books, Donald Duck comics 

racism in comic books, Donald Duck comics 

block rec, boosts+ 

Disney should hire George Lucas to do a Disney+ channel that's nothing but the Galactic Senate 24/7 like space CSPAN

hello, friends -- I got a response to this that tells me everything I needed to know (check the replies) so you can stop boosting this now!

@Alexis It's not a particularly nice piece of amber. It's nice and big, but that's more or less a piece of incense-quality amber. The precious ones are much more transparent and have visible inclusions of bugs, plants, or Other Things.

the fact that it’s basically impossible to opt out of society and do your own thing is a good sign that something is wrong with it

a lot of things would be improved if they were opt-in instead of opt-out

gender, society, social norms…

do I know anyone who knows anything about rocks who might be able to tell me if this thing of amber we have is worth anything?

some distant relative asked very specifically if he could have this one specific rock from my mom's dad's collection, and that always sets off a little alarm bell of "why is he asking, is this worth something"

neither I nor my mom have any fucking clue about rocks, I really have no idea where to begin

spoilers for twists from the first two seasons of Westworld 

watching a chronological order fanedit of Westworld, which seemed like the most efficient way to rewatch for the story instead of for the twists

In a 1996 book titled "Duke Nukem Does The Internet" written by Duke Nukem himself, Duke states that he hates nazi sympathizers, racists, and gay-bashers

the relevant discourse doesn't seem to have made it here, so I won't repost the whole thing, but I just posted a rambly thread on birdsite about why I think people online will often defend people like a certain racist youtube man:

πŸ”— :twitter:

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