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#StarTrek TOS, racism-adjacent Show more

What if Samus's body had Mario's head? Show more

I regret to inform you I will inevitably, at some point, be trying this.

what if coffee but orange juice instead of water

...wait, yikes, hot orange juice

My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard and they're like "wow this is delicious and affordable" and I'm like "thank you for supporting my small independent business"

Is it crazy how saying sentences backwards creates backwards sentences saying how crazy it is?

She-Hulk should be a movie that they blow a bunch of actors' contracted-for appearances on.

Or at *least* have Hawkeye show up.

Black Widow isn't essential to Daredevil, the Avengers can all exist just off-screen on Agents of SHIELD, but I feel like "superhero lawyer" does actually need other superheroes to lawyer.

the problem with "they should do a She-Hulk Netflix show" is that she, or, at least the Dan Slott comedy version does, really needs to exist in a world where she can call Iron Man to the stand, where Captain America can be sued, and I don't think any of the Netflix shows have ever actually even said "SHIELD."

@thiskurt Mario Car
Super Mario Car 64
Super Mario Car: Superb Circuit
Super Mario Car: Double Drive
Super Mario Car DS (Drive Speedily)
Super Mario Car Wii
Super Mario Car 7
New Super Mario Car
New Super Mario Car Deluxe

Season 3 of #Serial... Show more

it is a common misconception that one human year equals seven dog years. however, in reality dogs and humans orbit the sun at the same speed.

ALSO the "figuring out a pseudonymous person's Real Identity" thing always kinda sucks, at least on this level nothing is ever actually improved for knowing, and they usually have good reasons for doing it to begin with.

the only halfway compelling theory I've heard for who Olivia Jaimes is is it's Dorothy Gambrell, who does Cat and Girl, but also, I think I've come around to not actually wanting to know for sure?

she's like the dril of newspaper comic strips

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