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My new webcomic is called KIM & NOE WILL BE OKAY.

It's a queer adventure serial that's also about trying to move on from difficult things and about feelings and stuff.

You can start reading it right here:

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did I ever post the boulder room

the idea is, it's a room where you go to appreciate the boulder

3 episode giant robot show ova where it's played completely straight the minute until the protagonist gets in the giant robot, at which point several design flaws become immediately apparent as the machine collapses and explodes

the remaining episodes are a bureaucratic thriller as investigators and the courts try to figure out who's fault this is

oh, whoops, I should go to bed

I can finish the card with one more session, though

some guy named Ted really did invent talking huh

if you want to know how the christmas card is going, there's now a tiny detail I wanna brag about that I can't because spoilers

the traditional phase of drawing the Christmas card where I'm 80% done and change my mind about a huge chunk of it

It's not the kind of movie I'd typically go out of my way to go see, but it's a fun cast, a fun script, I had a good time.

Spoilers for Last Christmas, no, really 

Saw Last Christmas with the parents. I'd sort of figured it out about 15 minutes in, but I'm a sucker for anything with a [spoiler], a bunch of George Michael songs, and a good moral at the end.

dynamaxing a pikachu at the water gym, aka fuck these three fish in particular

dynamaxing a pikachu at the water gym, aka fuck these three fish in particular

For All Mankind, See 


The Morning Show, sexual harassment 

For All Mankind 

For All Mankind 

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